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In this Gen-X competitive world, the child success, apart from knowledge, requires patience, perseverance and audacity. The definition of ideal and happy life revolves around awareness of thoughts and to be aware of thoughts, one need a trained mind to generate positive emotions during the difficult phase of times of life. The treasure of happiness is not dependent on the stimulus of outside world.

Being Life, aims to educate and make aware the students about the real purpose of life. We aim to inspire students to combat all hurdles with a sharp and stable mind, to value human and humanity, and to ignite the verve of mankind through various projects and workshops.

To make our school children a well-balanced human being, to make them, to spark the sense of responsibility among the young stars, school has initiated some creative projects like "My nation", I Smile" and "I Care". Students at SPS are getting the global exposure like never before.

We have a simple mantra for our students: We are not here to provide answers. We insist them to open their mind beyond the four walls of classrooms and question the questions arising out of their institution and seek answers with the help of their teachers.


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January 22, 2018 - March 25, 2021

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